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    • A letter from Father Glenn Meaux

      Dear Friend,
      Greetings from Kobonal, Haiti! As a valued supporter of SOLT Kobonal Haiti Mission, you are always in my heart and in my prayers!

      Today, I’m writing to tell you about exciting new developments taking place with our ministry. As you know, the mission’s leadership and I have been considering ways to guarantee our outreach to the poor. We have invested much in this important work, and we want it to continue for many, many years to come. With that in mind, I have prayed for the mission’s longevity – and I feel God is now answering my prayers through a valued partner, Cross Catholic Outreach

      Cross Catholic has been our mission’s largest financial supporter since 2004. We have a very close relationship with the organization, in part because we share the same standards of integrity, the same commitment to the Gospel and the same desire to glorify God through our service to the poor.

      At our request, Cross Catholic Outreach has agreed to take greater responsibility for the mission’s financial stability – with your help, ensuring funds are available to continue the Lord’s work. Under this plan, Cross will be conducting all future fundraising activities for SOLT Kobonal Haiti Mission, including our events and written campaigns.

      Any gifts given to benefit SOLT Kobonal Haiti Mission will be restricted for the mission and used only for that purpose.  Cross Catholic also guarantees to provide all of our funding, raising 100% of our annual budget — no matter what.

      As partners, Cross Catholic Outreach and I now rely on your continued support!  You remain critical to our success, so I implore all of our benefactors, volunteers and supporters to continue your efforts, spreading the word about our mission and welcoming more Catholics to join our cause. Cross Catholic Outreach will also assist your parishes in sending mission teams to Haiti.

      At my request, Cross Catholic Outreach has also agreed to create a special endowment fund for the mission. Anyone who contributes to the endowment can be assured those funds will only be used for SOLT Kobonal Haiti Mission. An endowment of this type creates a great legacy, and I encourage you to consider including it in your will or giving planning if possible.  Cross Catholic Outreach has a full department to handle bequests, annuities and other planned gifts, so you can rely upon them for support.

      Through these steps, we pray God will allow the mission’s efforts to carry on long after I retire and other capable leaders assume responsibility.  Thank you for all you’ve done for SOLT Kobonal Haiti, and my prayer is that everyone God inspires to support the mission will do so through Cross Catholic Outreach. God bless you!

      Yours in Christ,
      Father Glenn Meaux

    • Welcome
      I wish to extend a warm welcome and blessing to you. I am Fr. Glenn Meaux, a Catholic Priest from the Missionary Community, The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT).

      Throughout these 22 years living among our Haitian Brothers and Sisters, we have clearly seen God’s hand hard at work. Jesus has been doing a mighty work of restoring the souls among all of us here. Hundreds and hundreds of peasants have experienced dramatic positive changes in their lives. God has changed hearts. There now exists among our families a vibrant faith community, whose members reach out in loving service to others. The ritualistic priests and their related services have disappeared from among our villages. Teenage and unwed pregnancy has been reduced dramatically.

      The families in the mission’s villages are now living in loving and graced relationships. Marriages are blessed and the dead are given a Christian Burial. The Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated with the peasants as well as the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Confession, Anointing of the Sick and Dying and Christian Marriage.

      It is with much thanksgiving to God that we share these miracles of love with you. All of us here at the SOLT Haiti Mission, Kobonal believe that all those who help and pray for the Mission bless and inspire the Haitian people toward the hopefulness of Christ as they reach out to these folks, through their love. I trust that this letter will assist you in developing a deeper awareness of the work that is done here at the Mission in one of the most devastated areas of this impoverished country.

      A Blessing from my heart,


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